How to Lose Weight

How to Lose Weight

How to Lose Weight

This is the way I lost 70 pounds. I chronicled my journey here on youtube in about 400 videos which you can watch organized by year in my playlists. Thanks f…


  1. MARKARiiD

    the first video i watched from you was about lucid dreaming and despite the
    fact that you really explained it on point and made it really interesting
    one thing stuck up in my brain: she is such a charming, inspiring and
    positive woman i wanna know more about. so since i’m extremly overweight i
    clicked on this video which i’m sure is going to be my guide for a long
    time in order to finally loose weight! so long story short: THANK YOU for
    beeing YOU and sharing your personality here! lots of love from
    vienna/austria <3

  2. Rafael Battaglia

    Wow! Thanks for this vid! I lost too much weight too! I can’t post the link
    here but if you go to my profile, you can see it on my profile’s
    description Now I’ll start with the workout!!!!! :)

  3. Mostafa Barri

    thank you thank you thank you thank you you’r just awesome and this video
    was encouraging 😀 love you hugs and i’ll keep up with you telling you
    about my plans if you don’t mind of course thank you again

  4. pyramidhead138

    i used to weigh 220 lbs. now im in the 180’s and going further down. whats
    my secret? well, its certainly not any kind of DIET as so many infomercials
    want you to believe. (btw, diets dont work so dont waste your money.) so
    how am I losing weight? all i do is change my eating habits, eat smaller
    meals, go for 12 mile walks everyday, yes 12 mile walks. thats over 2,000
    calories a day and over 18,000 a week. also drink plenty of water.

  5. KyronTheCLIFFF

    Num 1 way to lose weight in high school? JOIN WRESTLING! iv personally lost
    16LBS in 1 day. Dont believe me? I dare you to go up to the best wrestler
    at ur school and ask him what the most weight hes lost in 1 day was.

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