Jane Fonda: 10 Tips to Lose Weight- Primetime Health

Jane Fonda: 10 Tips to Lose Weight- Primetime Health


  1. Bishnu Timilsina

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  2. galukya1

    This was great, I like her, it was so funny and fun watching how the papers
    got stuck and her determination in removing it. That is what it takes
    really, determination to achieve anything! Thank you Mrs Fonda.

  3. valy211000

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  4. Anca Dinnu

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  5. Hassan shafi

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  6. lyn cates

    Jane I followed you with your early tapes. Go for the burn’ thanks for
    being there I loved it, and thanks for being here now, iI will still keep
    doing my Jane Fonda -:)x

  7. violetv watson

    so i kept it to myself. then i started to get rid of all my pasta, bread,
    potatoes oj and gave it all away. no kidding. basically all wheat products.
    this was drastic for me. but i felt i had to do a 360 to get results. like
    when i quit smoking, i tried for a year to cut back etc. and same with
    loosing weight. i was constantly discipline myself. because i knew no one
    else would give me this self talk. i started loving myself and gave up
    negative thoughts or friends who thought they knew me..

  8. Bk Rai

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  9. storytellerkitkit

    Jane Fonda, I love you! You have been an inspiration to me since my youth
    and I’m so glad to see you continue to inspire a new generation. These are
    great tips! I agree with a previous commenter that “exercise” can come in
    different forms – the important thing is to stay active. This would be my
    tip. Find activities you enjoy, whether it’s reorganizing your furniture,
    playing with your kids, or dancing with friends. If you’re having fun, you
    may not even realize you’re burning calories!

  10. averagejohn1232004

    My tips: 1. Calorie counting really works. 2. Eat whole natural foods. 3.
    Activities (like walking to work or cleaning the house) burn calories like
    exercise. 4. For motivation, watch the Befit or Everyday Health channels or
    listen to fitness and nutrition podcasts.

  11. inagadda1976

    “If you have a piece of chocolate of chocolate, take a longer walk
    tomorrow” REALLY!!?? Sounds like the ugly diet mentality rearing its ugly
    head. You can have 1-3 Dove Dark Promises everyday and if thats all your
    having you dont have any need of a longer workout!!! Reduce sugar, dairy &
    carbs, exercise everyday always in a competition with yourself, trying to
    do better than yesterday & drink lots of water, unsweetened tea ( green or
    otherwise) RIDICULOUS!!!!!

  12. Mike Moulton

    @caseagainstfaith sure, done. thanks 9g Protein Powder (Level Tablespoon)
    of your protein powder. 1 x desert spoonful of skimmed milk powder 1 x
    tablespoon of Psyllium Husk (cheap from the local indian shop) 1 x desert
    spoon flaxseed 1 x desert spoon sun flower kernels 1 x desert spoon sesame
    seed (also contains essential amino acid methionine) 1 x desert spoon of
    chia seed

  13. Mike Moulton

    @caseagainstfaith yes I grind them prior to using. Flaxseed almost
    certainly passes through the body if you don’t soak it or grind it. I
    believe it’s better ground and adds flavour. During the week I grind it mix
    it with the protein stuff shake it up and take it to work and have in a
    shaker. At home i have a hand blender, like 10 seconds and drink as quick
    as you can before it sets too much. drink plenty of water on top until

  14. Mike Moulton

    @caseagainstfaith As I have used skimmed milk powder i just mix with about
    300ml of water. It’s not a BAD taste but because the protein powder is cut
    right down it’s a bit bland. But I would avoid adding any fruit if you’re
    serious about your weight. Have the fruit later on when you’re feeling
    hungry. I have mine 3pm with more Chia seed (video uploaded)

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