Jeremiah on Weight Loss for Men

Jeremiah on Weight Loss for Men

How to get RIPPED & stop being FAT – get this: Hey man, Well, basically in this video JT and I go through my stor…
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Weight Loss Journey: over 400 pounds!

Join me on or App. if you would like to track my progress and Diet Plan. My User Name is Nursebetty85. Thanks and Good luck! pic…
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  1. Edward Wind

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  2. Rony Khan

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  3. Meade Skelton

    LOL. I dont think 26 is too old to lose weight. In fact our body is at its
    peak around that time. Over 40 years old may be harder. But weight loss can
    happen at any age Im in better shape in my early 30s than I ever was as a

  4. mekhix

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  5. Aditya Sarsito

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  6. citygirl4stl

    It takes time to learn what works you. But it’s awesome that you are
    learning what works for you and now you are taking a new approach and not
    giving up. Good for you. (with the help of Sparkpeople) I just determine
    that I should also be on a 1500 – 1800 calorie a day plan. I found you
    video while searching 1500 calorie on Youtube. Glad I did. Hang in there
    and best of luck to you.

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