Why Diets Do Not Work

Why Diets Do Not Work

Why Diets Do Not Work

http://concentnutrition.com.au – In this video I explain why do not – why they work for quick weight loss in the short term, but not in the long t…

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  1. Giselle Brand

    @missamelie17 A good way to lose weight is to modify your lifestyle. If you
    live healthier, you will also lose weight. This will occur more gradually,
    which will be sustainable and much easier on your body. Now, everyone is
    different, so you need to find what works for you. I have an entire website
    (and more videos) dedicated to this subject, but I hope this quick reply

  2. HelpWithMath1

    Thanks for expressing this so succinctly. Makes perfect sense! In the same
    way, by preventing our kids from having lollies and yet use them as rewards
    or on special occasions we condition them to perceive lollies as feel-good,
    desirable foods.

  3. Jye Watson

    I can see my abs a bit, I’m probably like 12% – 14% (maybe more). I look
    really lean through the chest and shoulders and overall I am reasonably
    thin, but I have these stubborn fat bulges around my hips and stomach fat.
    It’s annoying because I am in good shape everywhere else, and I don’t want
    to have to diet into such a low bf of like 7 or 8 or even lower, yet I have
    these annoying love handles.. it SUCKS!

  4. iVaLiX21

    how come when I do it it gives me a ridiculous body fat % of 2%? I know
    that’s not accurate because you need to be around 6-7% to have very defined
    abs and mine aren’t super defined and I’m 14. Someone please help.

  5. mike coffen

    wow great video thank you. Just bought one of these after watching the
    video on ebay it was like 3 bucks and from U.S so should take maybe 3 days
    to get here. Looking forward to being able to watch my results

  6. Conor Bannister

    I’ve got a 6 pack but my fat % scales say I’ve got 11.8% BF I know you said
    the scales are mostly inaccurate so do you think that’s correct or not?
    Cheers great video

  7. Sam Contreras

    It says Im 9 but there’s no way, Im 16 and im 187 pounds, and I dont see
    the full 6 pack i see like the upper 2 abdominals and barely the second
    set of abs and the third doesnt show up.

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